Bingo During June, July and August it is played Bingo at the Folkets Hus in Rossön. While driving game! Welcome wish Rossöns Sports Club.

Fishing Come and try your luck fishing in our waters. Bollstjärn is a popular lake for anglers. There is trout stocked. Shelters and barbecue facilities are available to use. For those who want to go on a fishing trip is Byvattnet, which is situated high between the peaks on Orrnäsberget, a given target. More information at Rossons FVOF

If you go around 1 swedish mile north from Rossön to Hocksjöområdet. Here you can choose between engaging in stream fishing for grayling and trout in Hocksjöforsarna or fish for trout and char in the eight Hocksjötjärnarna. Several smaller log cabins in a wilderness environment available for rent. More information at: Rörströmsälvens Fiske och Vildmarksupplevelse.

Rossöns Camping The village's beautiful campsite situated beside a mirror pond. There are cabins, tents and caravans. Reception Kiosk and Kitchen, Toilets, Laundry and Lavatory available in standalone buildings in the area. More information: Rossöns Camping

Wood heated sauna If you get tempted to base, there is a sauna by the river, 50 meters from the bridge in the middle of the village. Reservation of the sauna is made of Rossöns Snowmobile Club: (+46)624-20023