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Rossön, located at the Bodum Sea, considered by many as Ångermanlands gem. The small village is situated on top of a landscape with many lakes that attract the fish in Fjällsjö river water and many exciting outdoor experiences.

We have 18 mil beaches, rustling large forests, golf course, airport, school, lunch, restaurant, business owners, associations and businesses.
While it is not pure white sandy beaches of the Mediterranean. And do not we have some melon vendors either. But it has its charms to roast hot dogs on a beach littered with pine cones too. Especially when you can pick a handful of sun-warmed cloudberries on the marsh beside. But this is hardly some news for you who knows where Rossön is located on the map!?

Latitud, Longitud: 63.92124154937651, 16.33889279999993