Tillbaka till Bli medlem

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RSFF is a non-profit, politically independent organization working to preserve and develop the habitat and natural values ​​in and around Rossön for present and future generations. The more members that the association has the easier it is for the Board to act in various issues of concern. A broad base leads to a bigger mandate.

If you want to support our work by becoming a member of Rossöns Samhälls- & Företagarförening will pay the membership fee to our account. BankGiro 5038-1888. Individuals pay 50sek, families with children up to 18 years pay 100sek. Corporate membership costs 200sek.

You must, of course, do not live in Rossön to join Rossöns Samhälls- & Företagarförening! With your engangemang you contribute to a vibrant community of people who are committed to the region and its future.

Download giro forms HERE